I look and don’t see.

There are times more often than I prefer to recall when I look and not see. I will have two cameras set up with different lenses just to be ready for any distance. With a long range zoom lens in each camera what am I looking at? Why of course anything more than 1/2 mile in the distance. After all isn’t all of the good stuff over there? I remember fishing as a youngster thinking if I could only get to the other side of the river/lake I would knock the fish over because that’s where they all are.

This is a nice image of a Turkey Vulture; unrelated picture only meant to keep peoples interest.

While looking way off into the distance seeing subjects I haven’t the chance of a crayon in day care to capture a good image of there is other happenings. The Hummingbirds are going crazy at my feet, Hawks are landing within 50 feet of me and Mrs. Lebec handed me more coffee. All of it I miss because I am too busy gazing into the hinterland where all of the action is (not). I swear a tree could fall over and I wouldn’t notice it.

The picture of the Egret above is my point of intention, it was taken March 21, 2021. It’s a fair image, still it’s a keeper and will make a nice blog when I need the contrast between the white of the bird and brown tules of the winter remnants. However take a look on top of the Levee in the center of the frame, it took me 5 months to see this character. It clearly wasn’t him not being exposed, it was me looking too intently to see. I was blinded by illusions of grandeur looking for that perfect image. Here I am reaching for Big Foot to appear when in reality if he were to show he’d have to knock me up side the head in order for me to see him. But the cameras would be ready for anything, I will be as well except being faced in the wrong direction; looking for my coffee.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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