5th day

It’s been five days since I wrote for this blog, I wrote a few extra on my other one. I just sort of ramble through this one, it’s not difficult to conjure up what to write about. I make a lot of photographic mistakes so there is something in reach all of the time.

I haven’t gone out doors in several days, I am very sensitive to wood smoke. I wear a mask when I’m in it, in fact I use my 3M 1/2 face mask with an ammonia filter on it. I have worn masks for most of my working career, over 50 years. I have never met someone at a work environment who either complained about wearing one or refusing to wear them. I have known full grown men that drilled a hole through the mask to enable them to smoke cigarettes; I’m serious, it happened in almost every boiler I went in.

As I was going through my archives searching for 10 photos to place on a “best” list I went through the Cormorant section. It brought to mind how difficult of a time I have photographing them due to their dark plumage. I chose several to use in this blog; they are of good quality.

Lighting is the critical factor as I am concerned, with too bright of a sky, or the bird turned slightly wrong to the Sun the image will not endure. I normally watch several fly bys to determine at what position the light compliments them. It’s not easy because even with the correct angle it can be too extreme. When that happens the feathers get shiny making it appear to be made of seer sucker material.

It ends up not over or underexposed it is shiny exposed with no recourse, I have learned to delete them and move along. I am confused pertaining one trait the Cormorants exhibit, they like hanging around with the Pelicans. I was told (take a grain of salt), the Cormorants dive to catch fish, when they surface, the Pelicans grab them by the neck and shake their catch loose. The larger bird then consumes the Cormorants meal, the truly amazing thing is they repeat it over many times. So much for evolution eh?

Out of the water after drip drying for a short amount of time they are easier to photograph. The water on their feathers causes them to shine in all the wrong places. The issue is with all birds when they are perching they aren’t doing anything. That makes a fairly boring image, scroll past for a viewer. It has to be a unique image to survive a static picture: they do exist in fact I have one.

This picture of a Scrub Jay ranks High on a consistent basis, I don’t understand why. It is a “nice” picture but not one I would have chosen as a near winner. It’s an example of one not being his/her best critic. I am as I suspect others are harder on ourselves than other peoples work. On the other hand I have several with high ranks but I am struggling to get over the hump with a winner. For not being real competitive this is certainly drawing it out of me.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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