editing in the smoke.

Due to the atmospheric conditions (smoke) I spent another day indoors studying photographic stuff. I really need to get down to my Worm Farm to make sure they are still on track; I’ve been neglecting it for 2 months.

I continued on my goal to master Photoshop; I have discovered another issue. That’s not a surprise because that’s what learning is all about isn’t it?

The Heron hangs out on this old dock, he is difficult to spot when I’m riding past.

I have discovered that Lightroom Classic and Photoshop are joined at the hip. They are so closely related that studying both at the same time is advantageous. However Lightroom C. is a very involved program as well. It is not a copy of P.S. instead it has its own set of tools and functions. Some of the tools are similar to the point of seeming to be identical. But they are not, Photoshop is much more powerful. Many professional photographers prefer Lightroom C. for most of their editing; I believe I’m getting there. Not that P.S. is not relevant it most certainly is however it may be best used as the “Big Gun.”

It is the Big Gun best used when faced with difficult editing issues. It is possible to replace the entire sky with one that is not related to the photograph; a feature I will not use. Where Lightroom is excellent at removing slight blemishes, color discrepancies and clarifying the images, Photoshop is capable of adding or subtracting internal parts of the photo. It is excellent to edit photographs meant for marketing products, it makes that fast food hamburger look the way it’s suppose to.

It’s great for removing high Voltage Lines and Towers that are sometimes hard to avoid. Simply by outlining the offending structure the program will replace it with a section of look alike chosen from the same photo. I have a project planned for its use, I am going to produce a panoramic image of our local Mountain Diablo. My plan is to take 5 photos in 3 sets to merge together. It’s possible to use as few as 3 photos but several videos I have watched suggest at least 3 more preferably 5-7.

As far as Lightroom Classic is concerned I am in the middle of a steep learning curve. Initially to take a few tutorials claiming to explain the entire program in 10 minutes making one an expert editor in the process. I stand here to tell the world 10 minutes doesn’t amount to a matches impact on a blizzard. In my opinion a long winded tutorial is in order first before using it. Followed with a period of one month using it to the best of ones ability then followed up with going through the tutorial again for the second time. By the end of that video (it may take as long as a month to complete) I knew enough to begin to understand what it is capable of. After the third time going through the video I was ready to view tutorials on specific features L.R.C. offers.

That is where I am at now, I’ve got the basics understood but I’m still a long ways from being proficient at it. I will still be able to move along to getting deeper into P.S. however my first course of action is to take the extremely long winded tutorials explaining every detail of the program. The good news is I learn something about both programs every day. However there remains one more part of this two-some which is actually a three-some; Adobe Bridge. Somehow it interacts with both programs as an organizer, I’m really not sure. I suspect one year from now I will know how it all works together; I suspect this is good for me to go through.

We are still dealing with the smoke from the Wildfires, the reason I am stuck fortunate to be sheltering in place. I am very sensitive to smoke it causes me to have fungus infections in my ears which has destroyed my hearing. My voice is gone and I am not able to drink enough water. We are also quarantined again with no idea when we will be able to come out of it. With all of that said my concern is for everyone to take care of themselves, get the vaccine, wear a mask and encourage others to as well. That is our only way out of this.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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