Way too dark

I’m fiddling with mid day photography again, actually low light which takes place three times a day; twice when the skies are clear. I’m messing around with the white balance, again or still however one may look at it. It began at dusk I increased the ISO, shutter speed and opened the aperture. I then set the white balance to underexpose by one degree. That was a mistake everything was pitch black; I decided the proper acton would be to increase the over exposure; it was a bit better but still not worthy of a blue ribbon or rubber cigar.

I have discovered one positive quality of it, sometimes an under-exposure captures all of the details. It is fairly easy to then edit them into a usable image. However not always, dark animals taken during the high noon hours are rarely retrievable. Photos as above that hold lots of color seem to survive my well intentioned defacing of a perfectly good opportunity.

The Robin was taken at high noon without my fiddling with settings, it was a bit too exposed. but not to the point of when I set the white balance 1+.

I shoot only in RAW, it gathers much more information than jpeg however it must be edited to bring out the colors. They emerge from the camera with a haze over them, often a bit soft as well. My conclusion remains the same as it was after I did this about 6 months ago; set the ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed where I know it works. Follow in the next photo session taking a pile of pictures, pick out the very best then edit, deleting liberally.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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