still learning after all these years.

Aim, Focus, Click, seems easy enough depending if there is a subject to take a picture of. When there isn’t it’s time to catch up on a bit of studying. I have completed the first photography course, going right on to the second. The first was Nature which is a natural for me, the second is Landscapes which I take few of.

There is always plenty to learn as photography is concerned. It’s mostly stuff I have learned the basics of at least, the presenter goes into detail and often makes more sense of the task. I was well prepared for the courses it was intentional to take them now. It’s been one year since I purchased my new camera, that’s how long I gave myself to get comfortable with it. I went through the tutorials also reading everything I was able to find on the internet. I had a good basic knowledge of the entire menu and what each mode is suppose to do.

The courses are filling in the gaps picking up right where my knowledge is tested. I have struggled with filters, during the second course they are explained in depth then presenting examples of the results of using them. I’m still not totally sold on it but at least now I’m able to make a better decision and what problems that may be encountered.

There are other tasks I use that have been re-inforced such as the focus modes. I use Aperture priority with single point focus, which is recommended by both demonstrators. I had discovered the pros and coms of each mode over the past year, finally settling on that common opinion.

All told it was a good investment for me I am learning a great deal. I would like if it were possible to ask questions as the material is presented. To complicate things a bit more I broke down and bought a Gimbal which is suppose to help to photograph birds in flight; as usual time will tell.

Jacques Lebec flutter shutter

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