it’s working; kind of.

I’m saving a lot of memory with my switch to taking RAW images exclusively. I spent yesterday morning and twice today on the Levee capturing images of any thing that walked, swam or flew past. I concentrated on the composition to be just right before taking the image. It will take a lot of practice, but I have a fairly good handle on taking good pictures of the medium size and large birds in flight; adding composition is merely the next step.

The slow flying Turkey Vulture is a good large bird to practice a bit on. Following them and waiting for the right moment to get that image we want. They are always around, so much that everyone takes them for advantage but as we discovered they may not be around for long. When photographed in the correct lighting they display several nice colors, but they have to be in the correct light.

I have a few choices during the doldrums as this summer has turned out to be. I enjoy taking this time to pursue images of the small birds flying. Now that’s where I need practice, I’m not even sure I’m using the correct lens or the camera is set correctly.

Then I turned around and took this Sunset much to my surprise. I don’t take many landscapes and fewer Sunsets. Neither the flag nor the wind co-operated, if the breeze was an off shore or in shore the flag would have been flattened one way or the other. I waited taking 20 pictures as I normally do then editing for the best one. I like this image except for the flag; I had waited for it to shift which did not happen. My second plan was to make another attempt tonight but the smoke has put the kabash on that idea. Perhaps tomorrow night, we’ll see I suppose.

They’re looking pretty rough around the edges but the Gulls have returned and are up for posing. Its excellent practice to take photos of them as they are slow flying while into the wind and flaming rockets with the wind to their backs. The rough feathers don’t seem to slow them down.

Jacque Lebec Flutter Shutter

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