taking all raw photos.

I bought a photography course; actually two for $35. Most of them are relatively inexpensive and I have been searching for one over the past week or so. It is all part of my plan which includes the purchase of my camera one year ago almost to the day. The first phase after taking recipe of the camera was to study it for one year to learn every aspect of it. I feel that’s been accomplished although the learning curve remains in place the steepest climb is over.

With the wind to my back and the Sun over my left shoulder I began taking photos this morning.

Within the first three lessons the instructor suggested taking images in RAW only. I have heard that numerous times over the past year. I have been taking them in JPEG and RAW, that’s right each time I press the shutter I was taking two photos. That is a lot of memory. Then once I uploaded the images into Lightroom I only worked with the RAW files; it made little sense.

I had 8,000 pictures in my gallery a full 1/2 of them were JPEG. I deleted 3700 pictures freeing up much needed space. I had been wanting to ask a professional photographer if it is common practice to save a copy of each; but reading between the lines the answer is obvious. JPEG photos will “wear” out, that’s my description. The more times the file is open, closed and sent it loses quality, RAW holds more information however it must be “Developed” through a photo editing program of which there are many free and paid on the internet.

Now I’m off and running in a more refined direction, Photography is one of those crafts of which the more I learn the more there is to learn. The course is good I’ve completed the first of two and have begun the second one. Normally I will watch the course three times, the first time is to get the general idea of what it is about. The second is meant to watch with an understanding of what I don’t know. The third time is when I really learn the material at times taking notes. In the end I will end up with an understanding of a few more skills I need to practice. Or in the case of shooting RAW merely changing settings on the camera.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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