Opportunity knocks; the door creaks open.

I’ve neglected this blog for the past few days, last week I had a medical emergency and spent a day in the hospital. I’m Ok, merely an old guy with less than optimal health. I spent the past week taking it easy and reviewing my photo galleries, listening to audio books and I signed up for a photography course.

I used the reflection photos on my other blog, featuring them which I don’t recall doing. However for this blog I will post unrelated pictures as I do from time to time. I chose the course after reading the descriptions and watching the preview. It is exactly what I was looking for, a class that is not for raw beginners or intermediate photographers. It is right at the place my skills are, a rudimentary understanding of photography needing more information to move on.

A lot is covered in the photography course, it includes Nature and Landscapes in detail. One of the interesting lessons I learned so far is to take all of my photos in RAW only. I have always taken two pictures at a time, one JPEG which is difficult to edit second is RAW which is wide open to editing. I changed my camera to RAW only, it’s going to save a lot of memory and is the bulk of the 3500 images I deleted over the past few days.

Otter 25

I generally watch the courses I take two or three times. The first time is to become familiar with the content, the second I will take a few notes and the third is for some serious understanding of the content. I pay for most of the courses, however I took one last year for no cost. But I make it a point to purchase all of the publications that support the courses in an effort to pay the presenter for his/her time, effort and expertise.

I have been asked to put together a photo gallery of the Delta for a man who has weekend rentals. I have decided to go ahead with it, I don’t solicit for jobs. I have been asked to sell a few pictures to people which I haven’t done preferring to give them the OK to use my copy-write, all I ask is to post my name along with it. This will be different, I will most likely produce it then give it to him at no charge, choosing instead to offer them for sale at his houses. I have never had any intent to profit from my photos as I’m mostly a writer; as I have mentioned many times I take them to support my blogs. I had no idea it would result in several opportunities, I prefer to be a low key eccentric loner. I have one picture on display at a State Park visitors center near me, all I did was read the rules, conform to them and my Picture was accepted. I am one of about 100, no others from our Island which is disappointing as there are several photographers here that are very talented.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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