I’m am high risk as far as the C-19 virus is concerned. I don’t mind the mask, I had the vaccine and we are ordering all of our groceries on line. An almost daily delivery from UPS mostly ordered from Amazon, we know the routine now we’ll settle in again.

Otter 25

The photograph of the Otter was taken last fall there was no wind and a lot of activity on the slough.

I’m still using the 70D to determine if I want it or not, yeh I know I need to make a decision. But the Son-in-law doesn’t seem to be in a hurry, that will give me time to do a complete try out. Yesterday I was taking pictures of small flying birds, yep I beat my head against that wall again. I had a specific question I wanted answered. I have used the 19 point focus mode before on my camera, I wanted to check it out on the 70D. I took about 150 photographs.

Otter 10

Not a single one came out in focus, I will not use that mode again except for group pictures. It didn’t work with my camera and I suspected it wouldn’t work with this one either. I had to test it out to the extreme, I had some images of various subjects flying past, towards and away from me.

While in this mode it is suppose to stay focused on the subject as long as the shutter or back button is depressed. On paper it works real well, it’s another story in the world I live in. The problem with it is the photographer never knows what point it is using or what it is focusing on.

Black Bunny

If there is a background it will grab any old thing as the subject, that trash can may be the only item in focus. Even at that the picture has to be studied to attempt to figure out what the focus point was. The only images it is usable on is group pictures.

I prefer single point focus or the nine point with the tracking aspect. The 19 point is suppose to make taking pictures of flying birds easier, faster and produce clearer photos. I did not experience any of those my experience was frustration, confusion and fumbling. But as with everything else it was worth the effort, I don’t know why I attempt tasks that I know is not going to produce what I want.

That’s the way I learn, curiosity has driven me since I was very young; Photography excites that curiosity. That focus mode is a bust it’s OK now I know it’s not usable for taking pictures of flying birds. I will continue using the the single and nine point, I’m reasonably proficient with those. It was all in all a good experiment with a definite result enabling me to put this question to sleep.

My next project is one I have been contemplating for some time. I live 16 miles from our local mountain, it is outside my big window. I have looked at Mount Diablos eastern slope for 18 years, it has the potential of a good photograph. There is one glitch, on this side utility towers and lines run right through the middle it. My plan is to take three photos, it will be more like a dozen, of three sections of the Mountains. It’s a job for Photoshop I’m not ashamed to admit on this one. I am planning on attempting to make a panoramic photograph of approximately 15 x 32 inches. I will take four photographs of each section just to make sure once I get started I have plenty of material to work with. I’ll give it a go, I’m confident it will work out the way I’m planning it; yeh sure that inner voice says.

I will use my mobility scooter on the Mountain photograph session. It will enable me to be more able to pick the three best angles. It’s handy in that I’m able to carry all of my stuff either in my baskets or on the floor at my feet. I have a good tri-pod with a ball head and I am able to adjust it to suit my needs. Taking pictures from my wheelchair or scooter is not a big hassle nor is it frustrating or difficult as most tasks are for disabled persons.

Whether I fail or succeed it will be on my own terms.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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