Young squirrels, oldEgret.

I haven’t been using the 70D Canon one of my son-in-laws is interested in selling because he didn’t give me the battery charger. It finally was handed me yesterday and I charged the battery; I used it this morning. That model is known for its good photograph quality and more for its low light abilities which is what I’m interested in.

The Squirrel is this years brood, it was born during the spring. He/She has been up in the tree staying away from the dangers on the ground. It was with his sibling scampering around in the shade, the D70 performed well. The camera was set at ISO 640 the shutter was 1/2000 at f-6.3. It’a a bit telling when looking at the tail how young this Squirrel is; the fur has yet to fill in.

In contrast the sibling in the picture above has a fully filled in tail. They are both the same size only displaying the one difference. I attempted to take a few more images of this guy but it was really fast. It turned and jumped into the Tree in the background after the first click of the camera. Skunk-puppy meanwhile was totally unaware what was going on. Taken with the D70 I am not disappointed in the results.

The Egret is not as sharp when compared to the Squirrels, it was further away but that should not affect the image if it was in range. The camera was set differently ISO 100, Shutter speed 1/80 and f-6.3. I was experimenting while taking this photograph to see how low I could go in a low light environment. I cannot go to ISO 100 when in a low light situation, I’ve used 300 and it too was low. The photo of the Egret is not too bad other than being soft. But more light needs to be gathered accompanied with a faster shutter speed. I’ve learned this before and was expecting it but I wanted to use the D70 with this setting.

I used a different setting for the Canadian image f-6.3, ISO 1000 and 1/320 shutter speed. I’m satisfied with the results, this is evidence the higher ISO and shutter speed works best with this camera and low light.

The D70 is nearly the same camera as my T8i, between the two mine is a bit better in bright daytime while the other performs great in low light. Now that to me is a valuable trait, the two cameras actually compliment one another. Yeh, I’m not sure how it’s going to work out but my son-in-law is in no hurry to get it back. He bought the top of the line Sony, he and our daughter want to start a profile and wedding photograph company. They certainly bought the right camera for it.

Sitting on my wheelchair in the center of the Levee is an advantage for me. If I was able to walk, standing would have been the order of the day. As it is I feel fortunate that I am able to be comfortable. However the most important aspect of the chair is it adds to my patience. I’lll explain a bit. I’m sitting comfortable with my camera, coffee and trusty companion making waiting pleasant; I don’t mind sitting there in the breeze at all.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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