overcast and dark.

I had a good opportunity to mess around with my camera settings again. The sky was overcast, actually not dark but quite dim at daybreak. I first set the camera at ISO 100 with a shutter speed of 80. I had mixed results, the first two were taken of an Egret across the water. Image one was blurred which I blamed on myself, I am not that steady handed even when using a tri-pod. I have a habit of holding the camera with one hand while it is on the stand. I hold a leg with my left hand, it’s a terrible position to take, when my left hand moves or shakes it is amplified due to leverage of the leg.

It is especially evident at the slow shutter speed of 1/80, which I did expect. The third photo was of a Canadian standing guard over the flock amongst the rocks on the far levee. It came out crystal clear with no blurring, still at ISO 100 and a shutter speed of 1/80. The detail was good, but it was a bit under-exposed which is actually not too big of a problem lightening up in the editor.

A flock of Geese flew overhead at a distance of 150 yards, at the reach of my 600mm Sigma. I snapped 15 images all were under-exposed, I more or less expected that as well. I went into the editor with them, after lightening them up the background noise overtook the image. I didn’t really expect that but I should have, when the lens is at it’s maximum I normally encounter it. That is a distance issue not so much a settings problem.

I re-set the camera to ISO 1000 at first, the shutter speed ended up at around 1/500 still slow for that sensitivity. I did not bother to take a shot there instead choosing ISO 640 shutter speed 1/450. It was much darker than I thought, at that setting the images looked just OK, they were not blurry from motion but soft from focus or shutter speed.

What did I learn other than not to attempt shots in the near dark? Due to my disabilities I will use a remote shutter switch to control my shake, I have one that has gone unused mostly. Set the light meter to the bright side 1/2 point to not only brighten the photo but increase the shutter speed. Use a higher ISO, I knew that but it’s a lesson I have to learn time after time. I deleted all but two photos and those are eventually going to be tossed as well. Not because they are bad photos but I have hundreds of photos of Canadians and Egrets doing nothing. Plus there are millions just like it on the internet. I have discovered to delete liberally, if they are not near perfect toss them. They don’t do us a bit of good.

The high pressure area formed over the top of California, Nevada, Utah and several other States. When that happens I have extreme Arthritis and Lupus flair’s. This past one was severe my left leg collapsed reducing it impossible for me to walk my normal 10 steps. This was one of the most intense I have had testing my coping mechanisms to the max. my medical me and mental me were going at it pretty well. For a change the Medical me was consistently winning the battlefield. Finally the pain broke three days ago, Mental me was once again on the winning end of the stick. It never turns into a pity party I won’t let it, but I give my self 5 minutes to have one then get back to work.

I feel better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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