i take pictures for my blogs.

A lady walked by while I was on the Levee this evening after I wrote a short story for submission in a site I was directed to by one of our daughters. I don’t like publishing them so I requested it not be made public but copy it to a few people I listed. First I am a writer, not a photographer I was caught up with my first blog 5 or so years ago. I found using ones own pictures is an important part of blogging.

I’m an amateur photographer pure and simple that’s what I choose to be having no further aspirations. I do however want to improve to the level of near professional only for my own interest. Getting back to the Lady walking her dog, she stopped telling me that she likes the photos I post on the local FaceBook page, she told me she would like to see more. I post on that page no more than twice a month, once on the 1st and if I have captured a stunning image I will wait until the 15th to post a second.

There are several people posting on the page they are the regulars and I have no desire to hone in on what I see as their domain. Besides I don’t like FaceBook in the least, the only reason I still have a page is for family. Their photos are good, I must admit mine a touch better but they should be with all of the time I have. I know them one man sees me as a threat, another a friend and still others are indifferent. I have the ability to take over the photography on that site but I desperately do not wish to be known as a jerk in our tiny town.

Writing and photography are arts, writing is my number one interest, Gardening is my second, Water system of the Western U.S. is third while photography falls a bit behind under the heading of Nature. I capture Nature with my pictures, and use them to write about Nature.

There is a good chance I’m not being truthful to myself because how is one suppose to classify passion? From my perspective it is best left to the photograph viewer or blog readers to decide. I don’t promote either one paying very little attention to statistics or viewers. I merely write with the aid of my photos telling at least 1/2 of the story. I have found word counting doesn’t add up to a thing. Mrs. Lebec asked me tonight if my new short story was too long. I replied that many people count words I have found it doesn’t matter if the story is well written. More important than that is writing until the tale is told, word length doesn’t matter a bit for me. I write until I’m done.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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