Wild fires

Wild fires are burning as I write this blog in 13 locations throughout the state. They are in every section of the state from San Diego to the Oregon border. We are experiencing no smoke up to today but that can easily change with the weather conditions and how close they are to us. It’s too early yet to hope for rain, it won’t be here until October at the earliest; maybe not at all. If the drought continues and there is low rainfall this coming winter as predicted, farming in the state may be over at least until it improves.

The smoke is apparently caught in the Jet Stream carrying it East. My daughter in Denver will be affected in two days, my siblings in Minnesota 3 days and Brother in law in New York 4-5 days. That is if it is not driven to the ground by rain. I understand all smoke settles on the ground.

The weather prediction has included dry lightning storms tonight in the Mountains around us. I am planning on taking a time lapse of a few minutes in an attempt to capture a curtain of flashes. My first attempt last year did not produce a decent image but I did catch the start of a wildfire. They start in the Diablo Range but (knock on wood) none have developed into a huge event.

That doesn’t mean it won’t happen because there is plenty of tinder dry organic material up there. Plus there is no natural source of water, no streams, lakes or swamps. But when one starts it doesn’t take too long for it to be extinguished; the back country firefighters are unbelievable. There have been a few small fires nearby this year.

Our Island is within the Southern boundary of the high risk area. No area is really completely safe from them as they are almost always accompanied with the high winds. Many of the supply lines run through hundreds of miles of wooded area in Northern California and Southern Oregon. Oregon, Arizona and Nevada are experiencing wildfires as well. It may be more accurate to merely say the Western U.S. is on fire.

I have no idea how to solve this cycle of endless fires. I would like to see logging allowed in the state again. I may be ill-informed but it seems if we were rid of the compromised trees it would lessen the fuel available. I remember during my back packing years during the 70’s & 80’s the logging staging areas I passed through. They were healthy, well organized and clean. They acted like fire breaks, they did not stop every wild fire but they made the impact a bit lighter.

I had the opportunity to snap a few photos of a Green Heron on the far levee this morning. I have not uploaded or edited as of yet. I discovered when I snap the shutter the camera jerks, or I should say I jerk. It has to do with Arthritis in my hands, the small bones snap into place unknown to me. I was suspecting my lenses were not calibrated, first blame it on the equipment, right? Well it’s me, albeit a minor sounding issue it’s another example of having to adapt to a handicap; just don’t quit.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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