editing still or again?

I spent two hours outside this morning with no opportunities to take any pictures. It’s to be expected because I’ve been sleeping in due to being in a severe Arthritic flair. I took the opportunity to go back into editing on Lightroom Classic. After working on it for a few hours I began to think about how long I should spend on each photo.

I worked through most of my Canadian Goose gallery of which I had 450 images plus more that I have not filed yet. Thinning out the number of pictures is one of the goals, setting eyes on each one is the other. Each time I work on them for short periods of time (several times a week) I reevaluate the quality of the images only minimally attempting to enhance them.

It’s difficult to look at an old photo and fight the urge to improve it, it happens with each one. Especially those that were borderline acceptable in the first place. I have taken the course of liberal deletion, if it’s not up to snuff no matter how much I want to keep it I junk it. I have deleted today a great many of them, about 100, some I have stricken wholesale 25 or 30 at a time.

I enjoy editing as I learn something new everyday, it pays to take a look at the camera settings while I’m at it. There is a lot to be learned by doing that, when I happen upon a stand alone good image I compare the settings to a lesser. Granted I have to take into account some conditions that made the shot stand out. But to determine what made the difference in results is worth quite a bit for me. I also look at photos professionals have taken also checking out their camera settings. Not that I use them it’s more of a technic to help me recognize the relationship between the settings and the image.

Does it pay off? From my perspective it does because it raises my awareness of what it takes to realize a truly great image. How much time to spend editing a photo? As long as it takes if it is worth the effort; and that is the trick. Realizing if the picture can even be saved is the first step; it’s imperative to recognize that. Also judging those that are close but no blue ribbon; dump it in the trash. Soft images, gone as those that are hard to decipher are dispensed. It’s all a judgement call, that skill is developed while looking through the galleries of other photographers, photo web sites and on social media sites like FaceBook, Tumbler and ViewBug. Time for me is not the answer, worth is, if it’s worth the time to edit just simply do it. If it’s not worth the time and effort send it to the scrap heap.

I entered the photo of the Canadian with the reflection for the opportunity for it to be displayed at a nearby State Parks visitor center. One requirement was to write a bit about myself and living on the river. I was notified it has been accepted, it’s in the process of being framed now. I’m proud of the image for sure, I’m proud of my skills but most of all I’m proud of myself for being able to overcome my disabilities and successfully advance in a difficult and competitive activity. I’m not a professional and I don’t pretend to be, I take pictures to learn, for my blogs and to conquer my disabilities.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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