it’s better than yesterday; not as good as tomorrow.

I’m using the same photos on this blog as I did on my other post. I’m using them due to figuring out a bit more of what’s causing the under-exposed images. I reduced the ISO to between 100 which was too low, and 320 in an attempt to keep the shutter speed near the ISO.

1/800 shutter speed with an ISO 200 which I later changed to 320. The detail on the flying Green Heron is very good and is the effect I am happy with. I used single point focusing, the main reason for the sharp detail. After practicing for many months with the 9 points concentrating on the center point I feel my skills have developed to the point of it exercising my focusing plan of; pick up the bird as early as possible, track the bird until it is within range, press either the back button or shutter to focus, and shoot taking at least three pictures.

The conclusion is to keep the ISO low as possible for dynamic subjects with a shutter speed of the ISO value under 1. If the ISO is 250 the lowest the shutter speed should be is 1/250. However it must be taken into consideration the lighting, movement of the subject and distance from the camera. It remains there will be a need to experiment and tests the various settings paying particular attention to every setting. Happily notes are not needed as my camera stores the settings with the image.

Prior to taking some photos I will canvas the shot to determine the best spot to set my camera up. It’s not always easy because at times the best spot is down a slight hill or at the bottom of the levee. I search for places my mobility scooter can access with a fairly level area for my tri-pod. I set up on a hill as it is likely I will be at eye level with the passing birds, but must move around more for the ground dwellers. It’s a bit challenging at times but when all the work is over and one good photo is the result it is well worth the effort.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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