no more mid day photo shoots.

The exciting thing about photography is it is dynamic, and when it isn’t there is always something more to learn. It keeps the mind working (or spinning on occasion), it’s easy to get lost in it. For me this is one of those times as I remain working on the mid-day exposers. I have had some positive results now that I removed the UV filter along with concentrating on the shutter speed.

ISO 320 1/1000 shutter, it came out OK but the confusion remains, the shutter speed seems too high still. However it did work. I came in from out doors 1/2 hour ago it was 8:30 pm, dusk I set the shutter to 1/60 with a ISO 100. I was able to take one shot of the south bound end of a north bound Egret, it has not gone into editing yet. I’m not expecting good results but I felt compelled to do it.

I am beginning to believe the main culprit was the UV filter, if so I have learned that lesson before. I will work toward not to turn it into one of those things I have to learn over and over. I do that, maybe it’s common with everyone but once in a while I want something to work so I try to force it. That never works and I never learn that it doesn’t.

I’m confident the short experiment I attempted tonight is not going to result in what I desire. One other aspect of this is I will avoid mid-day shoots except under the proper conditions. I intentionally took pictures in the harsh direct sunlight then attempted to make it work. From now on I will shoot from the shade to the shade relying upon the skills I have that are adequate for those endeavors.

It was definitely worth the effort I discovered one other issue while working my way through this. My focus is off a bit, I have the Sigma lens calibrator I have been planning on using it. However it must be used when it is not windy out doors. It is based on a gauge set upon a second tri-pod then moved away from the camera and set on the focus points as outlined in the calibration program. I now have to wait to perform that task until the wind stops September 1st, I will then have all winter to complete it. I’m using single point focus now anyway making the calibration almost moot so I’ll just keep using it. Single point is my focusing goal, I will merely adapt it now.

I don’t believe in trying, I believe in doing. There is no such words as can’t or lose; I can do anything. If something doesn’t work out it is not losing I merely back up and do something else; eventually everything works out. Such is my disabled world.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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