still underexposed in the mid-day sun.

I missed yesterdays blog, a car hit a power pole, the resulting repair took us into the early morning hours of July 6, 2021. I also am going through an Arthritic flair-up which is keeping me inside until it completes it’s cycle.

I had the opportunity however to work on answering the question of why my photos are dark during mid day. I realize it’s not the best time to capture images but sometimes we must take what we can get. Besides that there are many times something will catch my curiosity causing me to follow it to the end. That took place with the dark day images, I have discovered two issues that may be impacting it.

Shutter speed is one of the most obvious causes, I have discovered that to be impacting my pictures. I decided this morning to set the ISO to 100, I’ve not done this prior to this morning. It did drive the shutter speed lower, 1/350, that is a workable setting. However in AV mode it will change as the lighting does. There are a few photos that came out under exposed because of the camera changing the speed. My next step is to set the camera up on Shutter Priority, TV on a Canon. That means I will set the shutter speed while allowing the camera to set the ISO. I know where this is heading, I’m going to end up shooting in manual. The issue with that is adjusting the focus with my Arthritic hands. For flying birds that will be difficult at best, I’m sure I can do it after much practice.

The second issue is the UV filter, I have learned this lesson a few times prior to this. My thoughts were when placing the thing back on the lens was “other people find them useful when photographing water scenes.” Yeh, that may be true but it doesn’t work on my camera or in my situation. Once again I have discovered with it on close ups within 50 feet aren’t too terribly bad. But when I go beyond that the further out I go the blurrier the image is, it will not focus correctly. I’m taking them all off of my lenses with the intention of not using them again. I read another blog in which the writer had declared the same thing because of the same issue. My younger brother (he’s a professional photographer) wrote the same concern; I’m done with them, I’ll clean the main lens from now on then pay the freight if I break the lens…

The life of the filter lens UV is over for me, however there is one more setting I can fuss with. ISO, the higher it is set the more light the sensor gathers. It lightens the final image, sacrificing the image quality somewhat and causing in my camera background noise. I prefer a lower ISO which results in more detail, less background noise and lower shutter speeds. However to attain all of it the camera would perform best in manual, but I will check out each setting combination. One other solution is to stop photographing during the mid-day Sun, we’ll see about that.

Tomorrows a new day to satisfy my curiosity, which is always my primary motivator. It keeps my head straight giving me plenty to do while directing my mind into positive activities. The constant battle is between the Handicapped me and the Mentally healthy me, self-pity is a killer.

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