making use of time.

I’m inside the house for the next few days I’m in an Arthritic flair-up, I blame it on the weather, when a low pressure area builds up next to a high pressure bubble I know a flair-up is on it’s way. I’m making use of my time I don’t like to waste it, the old adage “use it or lose it.

I’m transferring all of my Lightroom Desktop to Lightroom Classic it’s affording me the opportunity to delete more not so good images. I must be a bit careful not to toss them before making at least an attempt to edit them in the new program. I am surprised by the difference in results, I would recommend to those contemplating purchasing one of them to choose Classic.

It has a few tools that are similar to Lightroom Desktop but Classics seem to be more intense if that’s the correct word. The details are easier to establish however there is one issue that is nerve wracking. It is slow to upload photos from the disk, Lightroom Desktop is fast by comparison. The box on the screen pops up informing that it is performing two tasks, I know of one I’m not sure what the second is. However it saves time in editing due to the way it is laid out. There are two ways to display the pictures. First is the grid pattern, all of the pictures are in rows, it’s handy because of the ease in which to choose pictures to work on. Second the tool bar in developing is convenient as well as easy to understand.

All of the editing tools are easily accessible in that dashboard which is displayed on the right hand side of the monitor. Third the color is robust, so much that caution is urged and a reminder to remember the steps taken to get there in the first place when things go sideways. All of the pictures posted here were edited in Classic, some were moved from Desktop, all turned out good.

Jacques Lebec flutter Shutter

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