the camera is on simmer.

Yeh the camera is on the back burner lately, hampered by the wind a bit but mostly the lack of subjects. There are a few starting to come out from the nest sites, the fledglings are beginning to show up. Actually I saw one yesterday a gangly Great Blue Heron 1/2 the size of an adult.

This is not a photo of the young Heron, they don’t fly quite this well yet. That little guy must have been an anomaly, he is the only one I’ve seen and Mom or Dad were not along for the flight. Unless of course and I suspect as much they were watching from a location out of sight of the fledgling.

I edited this Turkey Vulture in Lightroom Classic there remains a considerable learning curve, I’m dealing with the graininess and detail now. But that is most likely a struggle that will be on-going. One of the tricks is to edit but keep it natural looking, the best tact is to take images in need of no fixing. It’s quite do-able for many of them but impossible when we begin talking about ALL of them.

For some images there just is no editing possible that can save them, that’s fine and acceptable. However when it becomes unacceptable is when it’s a terrible photo and I really like it. Spending hours on trying to save a terribly out of focus or overexposed image is not a hill I want to live on.

But here it is, I simply can not get myself to delete this picture. Even though I suspect some of those viewing it may be wondering as I do “what exactly am I looking at?” That is not a complimentary comment for any artist.

I have been convinced over the past two days by Mrs. Lebec that we really need to have a stair glide installed in the house. I am not able to walk any longer, and I have discovered I can live in denial all I want but at the end of the day I still cannot walk. We have 4 sets of stair flights with 7 steps each climbing 3 floors. I regularly have to navigate the top two, from the top deck to the second. I called to begin getting estimates, I have two arraigned with one to go. They are a bit expensive but at under $10,000.00 when walking is not an option this is a livable amount. It’s not a great deal or even a good deal however all I want to do is get from hither to yon.

Another silver cloud resulting from my disability, I don’t have to climb stairs any longer. Hey I take my victories where I can get them.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

“I let the mental me control the medical me when it’s strong, when it isn’t the medical me controls the mental me, when both are not strong I give them 5 minutes for a pity party then we begin all over again.” Jacques Lebec

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