It’s been a tough week

My learning curve for Lightroom Classic is flattening out; I don’t believe I will go back to L.R. mobile. The detail I am able glean from a raw photo is outstanding.

One criteria, right or wrong, that I have is for the spaces between the feather to be detailed. I want to see them if they have a bit of dark shadow in them it helps to make them stand out. I also look for the “spark of life” in the eye, this image does not have it making it destined to be rated at “4” pretty much for eternity.

I have discovered the reason Lightroom Classic is included with a Photoshop subscription. Lightroom is from my perspective a sort of “prep site” for its more involved partner. So far I have been using L.R.Classic in that way, if there is a flaw in the image that may be repaired I send it to Photoshop. The transfer is made to be extremely easy, a tab under the Edit heading reads “edit in Photoshop”. Click on it, instantly the picture is displayed in the new location.

I have sent a few for further editing there however I must admit I may not possess the skills yet to determine if they need further work. It’s not a good position to be in; not knowing enough to know what questions to ask.

There is always room for a Scrub Jay displaying an air of extreme confidence and pride.

I have hit a speed bump as all disabled people do, I’m in the middle of what I hope is a particularly strong Arthritic flare up. I take that attitude because I know there are many who are in a much more demanding medical state than I. I also know how to deal with a flareup, if this is something new I’ll learn a new coping method. Normally I am able to walk 10 steps or so with the aid of a cane. However I am no longer able to walk at all, my left hip, leg and knee have given out. Handicapped people grow used to the pains increasing and enjoying the times it decreases. I especially cherish when asked by a medical expert what’s my pain level on a scale of 1-10; honestly I don’t know, it just hurts bad.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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