editing pictures; the spark of life.

I’m working with Lightroom Classic, I initially had the impression after using Lightroom Desktop for the past year Classic would have a short learning curve. I was mistaken as there are many more tools available than on the mobile app.

All of the photos I’m using today were taken this morning then edited with Classic. I’m quite pleased with them but as may be seen I over-edited a few. I’m struggling a bit with the “sharpening” tool, it’s easy to over do it and create a black outline on the subject. I need to learn when to stop.

The image above is better although there remains a hint of the outline. I did not have to perform a lot of editing on these however the amount I did made a huge difference. The darker birds have their editing challenges due to being so dark; under-exposure is common. The most opportune time to take a picture with good lighting not requiring editing is just after sunrise. It takes two to tangle however, the bird needs to be low in the sky with the light perpendicular to the main body. If it is too high obnoxious shadows are cast on the head and shoulders. The shadows on the head are the most disappointing as it hides the eyes blocking that “spark of life”, or the twinkle in the eye.

The spark of life is instrumental in nature photography as it shows the animal is healthy and alive. In order to capture it the animals head must be in the correct position to the sun, and the light must be below or even with the eyes. It’s not common to be able to see it through the viewfinder however with practice it may be able to be determined. No matter which focus mode I’m in my intent is to always place the main focus on the eye. If that’s not possible I focus on the closest I am able to get to it. That spark is what makes a nature picture rank #5 versus #4, it means a lot.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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