New binoculars

I’m in the doldrums lately, I’m motoring along with Photoshop and Lightroom making progress. Sorting through my photo archives which amounts to another round of deletions and editing. Lightroom Classic is a step above Lightroom Desk offering a few new tools that make a difference.

I’ve ordered a lot of “stuff” lately, it’s mostly all small items other than the travel Wheelchair I am now waiting to be delivered. I had one prior to this but it ended up not being a very well built or represented chair. When it stopped working I could not get service, for a person with disabilities that is a deal breaker. I had the old one for about 5 years costing me $35.00 a month, I can live with that.

I realized another tool I use that had major problems I have ignored for the past year, possibly longer. My Binoculars are broken, when I grab for them bringing up to my eyes I have to repair them so they will focus. There are four micro-scopic screws situated in a slot on the adjusting eyepiece. Their job is to keep the dang eyepieces in place, when they fall out the adjustment is impossible. I end up squinting with one eye using the binocs like a spotting scope.

I use them a lot, more when they are not broken but here again they are 10 years old. Part of my issue with replacing them is my wife gave them to me for my birthday and being the sentimental old hound I am I do not want to toss them out. If I don’t it’s just another “thing” to hold on to forever.

Anywho I bought a new pair, it’s an item where any amount of money can be spent. I spent a moderate amount on them after much comparison. My old set is made by “Vortex”, they are well built and have every price range. I bought another pair, not for the brand name but because they presented the best value from my perspective.

The biggest challenge was the magnification aspects. My old ones are 8/24, 8 is the magnification, 24 is the diameter of the outgoing lens in MM. Those I considered were; 8-24, 8-46, 8-50 all were eliminated. I went on to 10-24, 10-46 and 10-50; I nixed them as well although the 10-50 and 46 would have been great to use. I bought a 12-50 it has 2x more magnification than the 10-50 but the same field of view. At 1,000 yards I should be able to have a 500 foot panoramic view at 12 times larger than with the naked eye. There is not all that much to it as the only real decision to make is how wide of a view one wants and to sacrifice a small bit of detail. The 10-50 is a bit more sharp on the details at it’s maximum distance (1,000 yards) than the 12-50. However I live in the West with wide open spaces so being able to see further and wider is a more attractive option. If I still lived in Minnesota I would have purchased the 8-46 due to the limited range visibility. The undergrowth is thick and the distances short. The only con that applied to me is on occasion a tri-pod must be employed with the 12-50; I’m ok with that.

Well I bought a cup holder for my scooter also, but that’s a low level concern.

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