tasks in the wind.

As compared to surfing, which I never did get the hang of, taking nature pictures in the wind lines up just behind it. The wind blows hard it flattens the waves when surfing it’s over. When the wind blows during nature photography the subjects don’t show up. That is what’s taking place now, the wind has been up since the last week of March. It won’t let up until the middle of September.

I have plenty of other stuff to do out of the wind. I’m working in the garage on another photographic project I have decided to dive into. I’m going to set up an indoor photography booth to take pictures of inanimate subjects. It has a Red Wood panel as a backdrop and a table I made for a stage.

My wood lathe broke down the other day so true to form I took it all apart; I can’t help myself. It was a fuse, that’s how we learn. Any way I made some Snowmen out of scrap wood on it and now I want to stage them to see if I can produce a good image. I do woodworking, Intarsia actually, it’s the art of using various woods to match the actual colors of the subjects I create. I would like to incorporate all of it into my photography.

Lighting as usual is the most critical aspect of taking pictures in a dark deep garage. We do however have two rooms used for storage I have been threatening Mrs. Lebec to take over. I don’t want to do that it would entail too much work to set up then I’d have to move up to another level in photography. I purchased a few light fixtures two years ago, they are portable, nothing to brag about but with bright lights they should work fine; if not I’ll think of something else. I have to make it easily assessable hopefully from my mobility scooter. If not I am able to take a few steps so I’ll hobble over to a stool or something; it will work out.

I’m satisfied doin’ what I’m doin’ with zero pressure and not stressing about selling “stuff”. In the meantime I will continue educating myself about the Photoshop suite of applications and taking photographs when the critters are ready.

I ordered a new travel wheelchair last week to keep in the back of our Excursion. It will be delivered by Wednesday, I’m excited, my wife will no longer have to wheel me in a transfer chair. As a person with disabilities it’s a big deal.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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