Figuring out photoshop; yikes

I started moving my photos from Lightroom desktop to Lightroom Classic last Wednesday. I started the sync then it took off and it’s been dumping data ever since. I am not sure what it is doing, after Googling it the common directive is to “let er’ run.” But it sure seems to me I should stop it at some point, however the fact I can find my photos and files means I must be doing it right. It’s a learning curve for this old guy I can’t sugar coat it.

I don’t have new pictures to post, I will once again post some that are irrelevant to the blog today.

My eyes are being forced wide open along with my slack jaw as I explore Photoshop making sense of it. Actually it is making sense the biggest issue I’m having is after using a tool it is confusing at times how to drop it and change directions. However I discovered it is related to another issue I have discovered.

Editing should be done as much as possible in Lightroom Classic then sent to Photoshop for the final touches. Make no mistake with my skills Lightroom Classic would have fulfilled all of my needs for a few years. It is much more powerful than Lightroom Desktop containing several more tools and applications. It seems to detail quite a bit better as well.

Photoshop in the other hand does the detailing. It will be straight forward for the removal of impurities and unwanted structures in a picture. I have not mastered that aspect of P.S. yet however I have figured out how to use it, kind of. There are a lot of applications I will be able to use; however in order to make more sense it must be coupled with another application, Adobe Bridge. Not of a concern because it comes with the entire suite of Adobe editing products geared towards Photoshop.

As I understand it Adobe Bridge is an organizing tool, by loading photos into it categorization follows. It works like this as far as I can figure which I believe is correct. The images are loaded into Lightroom Classic for initial editing and deletion of unwanted pictures. When satisfied the photo is sent to Bridge (which I have not done yet) from there it may be chosen for final editing in P.S. This is one way to do it.

The second way is to by-pass Bridge (which I am doing initially) then upon completing the initial editing one may chose to send it to Photoshop where it is set up and ready to be messed around with final edited. I have discovered however before sending it to P.S. one must be certain of what needs to be done to it and also if the picture is worth the effort. So far all of the photos I have sent there are iffy at best; but then again I’m only sending images that need a lot of editing; those I would normally delete. I’m sending images that are sub-par to practice with, none are being kept until I get one that is done correctly. I have a new hoe and it’s a long row but I’m up to the task.

“It’s not the pain that hurts us people with disabilities, it’s how we deal with it that can do the most damage.”

Happiness is a worthy goal.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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