Anyhow this is the way things are.

Due to my health I cannot be in the heat or the extreme cold weather, I take advantage of being in the house all day. For the past few day’s I’ve been studying Photoshop, I finished it yesterday without knowing it. Now the final act is to use it intensely to figure it all out. However the entire Adobe complex of apps are related, Lightroom Classic came with P.S. I have been using Lightroom desktop, they are the same but different. Classic is a much more involved program almost on the level of Photoshop, they are developed to work together.

Starting tomorrow I will begin to take another course on how to work with both of them, to follow up on that the instructional videos include the entire Adobe family. I am going to be busy for a long while. It’s holding me up changing the strings on my Guitars, Banjo and Ukulele. I like taking breaks between segments playing music, even though I’m deaf somehow I hear enough to do well.

I don’t suspect the critters will be out and about tomorrow due to the heat. I really wonder if they are sensitive to the high and low pressure that moves in from the ocean. I think I’ll start a line graph comparing their absence with the barometric pressure. Sounds exciting doesn’t it, well that’s the kind of crazy stuff I do, after all I have Excel and know how to use it.

“I’m better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow”. Jacques Lebec’s quote.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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