I used the wrong word.

To my surprise the temperature reached 108ºF between 1&4pm today. It surprised me because it was so cool last night. It’s OK I spent from 10am until 5pm working on the Photoshop course I started Saturday. I have 5 videos left to watch, then I will selectively re-watch them as I work with the program. I am at the point where I have to use it a lot to truly learn all about it.

I’m posting pictures from the archives as my photography outings for the past few weeks has been dismal. I’m not as concerned with writers block as much as photographers black out, I know it happens to everyone.

I am learn something new everyday, yesterday was no exception. I posted a photo of a Great White Egret on one of the Facebook sites I frequent. It’s the Islands local site actually and it can be ruthless, these people are anything but shy; I suspect it’s due to everyone knowing one another. None the less I posted the photo, it’s a good one, and I stated the “Egret was taken in March.” To which a Lady asked “What do you mean taken?” I actually froze not knowing what to think, she interrupted it totally different than my meaning. That was actually a good thing. After thinking about it for a few moments I replied to her, “You’re right that is a bad word to use.” I told her from now on I will use the word Photographed to avoid the confusion. You know all in all she was 100% correct.

Photographers use the words image, picture, snap, and captured all of the time. I can see where some of them will create confusion, “captured” is another word I will strike from my vocabulary as pertaining to pictures. I like “opportunity”, “lucky” and “patience paid off”. I will search for others, it’s time to change my wording. The lady did me a favor in bringing that up, I truly appreciate the opportunity to have the knowledge to stop using the word “taken” when talking about animals.

I have been having a problem with my disability scooter, I called the repair outfit 2 weeks ago. The service man arrived today, he is a really friendly person. It’s an intermittent issue, suddenly it will slow from high speed to low speed and stay there for a few days. Of course it wasn’t doing it when he arrived, but there is always a silver lining isn’t there? It has two speeds, slow and slightly faster represented by a Tortise and a Rabbit on the switch. Come to find out it was acting up, it was stuck of high speed. Go figure, the service tech requested a new dash stating if it costs more than 1/2 of a new scooter they’ll get me a new one. Make no mistake I will get a new one, they don’t make parts for mine any longer. The bummer is due to C-19 everything is backed up until September.

Jacques Lebec Shutter Flutter

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