gettin’ ready to take time lapse of the lightning storm that’s on its way.

I am up to my eyebrows in Alligators studying Photoshop, there is a lot to it. It doesn’t seem too complicated after going through 13 instruction videos; there is just a lot to it. I’m sure I will put it to good use removing debris from my photographs.

Last night at 9:30pm I took this 1 minute time lapse practicing for Wednesday nights heat lightning display on the Diablo range. This is my first attempt which is riddled with issues, I will correct some tonight during my second attempt. I posted this to show what I plan on using Photoshop to correct. I live across from this pasture that has Utility Towers running North to South. That’s fine but not for photographs, I am constantly dealing with them.

The image of the Hawk is an OK shot I have used in my blogs, and it’s good for them. What makes it second class is the power lines in the background. I was able to blur them just enough to make them an after thought to the viewer, (I am hoping). In my book eliminating them and enhancing the background with its natural colors is not cheating. I will not be changing the picture actually, merely de-cluttering it. The coloring is already there but if I were to show it in all of its glory the lines would outshine the backdrop.

The lines and towers are the cause of much cropping, the power lines in this picture are directly below the flock of Egrets. I cropped them out causing the birds to be too low in the photo. With Photoshop I will be able to keep the real dimensions giving me a lot more options during editing.

That is after I spend this month studying the program by finishing this free course of 31 videos on YouTube. The presenter knows his stuff (Horn and Talon is the channel). I would recommend this for people like me that knows nothing about Photoshop but has a real desire to understand how to use it.

Tonight I will set up my camera to take another time lapse photo from my Levee top to the Mountains 16 miles to the West. I have my tri-pod set up to use along side my disability scooter allowing me to be as comfortable as possible. That’s important, if I’m in an awkward body stance my bones will start to ache and the pain will set in. I have a problematic neck that has deteriorated neck bones, if I move it too rapidly I will be in terrible pain for a month; usually longer. To compound that I will have to break out my traction machine and stretch my neck for 1/2 hour each afternoon until the pain subsides. The scooter is part of my pain management as is everything else I’m around. I’m having a problem with my Mobility Scooter, the service man will be here tonight to take a look at it. He’s going to recommend they exchange it for a new one as mine is outdated; parts are no longer made for it. I’m sure I will have to go along with the program, I’m fortunate the Veterans Administration supplies them. I’m a 100% disabled service connected Vet.

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Try, Can’t and Fail are words that have no meaning for me.

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