These are the best days of my life.

Better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow is my catch phrase when someone asks how I’m doing. It’s obvious I’m a disabled person so that statement takes people back a bit, but it’s the truth. My abilities are stronger than my disabilities.

That is the beauty of being a novice photography working out of my scooter or wheelchair, it’s merely making equipment and circumstances work with me. For instance I use a tri-pod for 90% of my pictures, granted some times it gets a bit awkward to carry all of the stuff I use on my scooter. But I also have a wagon I rigged up to tow behind it affording me all of the space I need. Yep I’m quite the spectacle driving down this empty country road.

The Hawk in the photo was taken at a distance of 130 yards across the Slough, it’s all focus.

That’s the reason I have two Super-Zoom lenses, a 100-400mm Tamron and a 150-600mm Sigma they afford me the option of either being on my scooter or my porch overlooking the Slough. The Red Wing Black Bird was taken from my porch at a distance of about 80 yard. I believe that’s quite a stretch that makes photography for disabled people very much a viable hobby or career.

One other benefit I have is time, two or more hours waiting for critters to show up is common for me. Plus as a person with disabilities I have hours to study my various interest, photography is just one of them; it’s a great hobby for people in my circumstance.

The Pelicans were taken with the 400mm lens hand held, it’s a smaller lighter zoom than the 600mm. However hand holding is not easy for me, hence the tri-pod. I have a mono-pod as well I rarely use, however it’s handy as a pocket on shirt for use to the side of my wheelchair or scooter. A plus to the mono-pod is it is a walking cane as well, not a real heavy duty one but in a pinch it is capable of helping get my 50 foot I’m allowed to walk each day for use as an escape cane; It may someday save my life, that’s how I look at things.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

My abilities are stronger than my disabilities.

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