a new editor; big learning curve

I’m one of those people that will go on YouTube when I decide to use a new app, program or device. It has been no different with Photoshop, I decided to dive into a 31 video tutorial due mostly because I have no idea what it is about. I have gone through the first 10, I watched 2-5 twice and began to watch 2-10 again today. It will be well worth it, I’ve already learned a lot. It is a huge program with an equally large learning curve (for me) but I don’t think the Grand-kids know much about it either.

The wind is still blowing hard at 25mph when I woke this morning, I decided to post a few archived photos.

I made a bit of a mistake learning Photoshop, it came with Lightroom Classic; I had purchased Lightroom CC 2021 earlier this year. My plan was to study Photoshop for one month, use it for a week then attack Lightroom Classic. It didn’t happen quite that way, I clicked on a pop-up telling me it was ready to use.

The Egret in the photo above is my first attempt at editing in the LrC, I may have over done it. However I feel that the wrong photo may have been chosen as a first attempt. It was taken early during the golden hour casting the gold haze on the entire frame. That is OK but it made for tough editing, for me it’s hard to determine how much yellow to leave in the image.

I thought I would toss “X marks the spot” into the mix.

Getting back to the Egret, generally my initial goal in editing flying birds is to have at least one fully extended wing. In this photo I have two which is from my perspective better. However to complete the editing I strive to have shadows between the wing feathers and a spark of life in the eye. I achieved both but the spot of light in the eye is too much at a distance to see.

Perhaps a bit more yellow should have been taken out of the image, but at the time I was concerned I may have taken out the defining factor. On the other hand it may be a photo that I need to keep studying before sending it to Photoshop for a butchering there.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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