Seagulls; today

I’d like to take more pictures with the 70D Canon; I remain debating whether to buy from my son-in-law. I have been using it until the battery went dead which is to be expected. He didn’t leave the charger with me so I assumed it may be candidate for in body re-charging. I searched the internet finding a bunch of vague statements on charging with a USB to a laptop. I smelled a fish, so I didn’t. Normally when I encounter articles on a subject with all different conclusions, I disregard all of them.

I cropped this photo drastically to the point the pixels were nearly countable. It is a dynamic emotion filled image.

I didn’t use a USB I chose to wait until I had a chance to talk to the owner, he said he’d bring the charger over. That’s good it’ll work out fine. The battery keeps a charge for an impressively long time. My last test with it will be to wander around the levees on my scooter taking pictures of everything.

I decided to post a few images of Seagulls today I have not posted any of them prior to this blog. It’s good to have a fairly large archive to look through comparing camera settings used on the best images. Too large of an archive with no organization can be a time sink or a searching nightmare. I have a feeling all photographers spend a lot of time going through pictures looking for that particular image; I sure do.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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