birds, composition and wildfires

I am continuing to work on my photography skills it has shifted from taken hundreds of photos a day to 25-30. I will continue that for the next few weeks or until I feel I have a handle on understanding photoshop. I am mostly watching YouTube instructional videos, the full courses take about an hour for each one. I don’t do the 5 minute all you have to know type, I have found with those there is much more to know than what they offer.

I took the image above with the intention of capturing the light in a unique way, there is nothing special about it except it’s a Nice picture.

I am developing what I hope is not a habit, while I’m taking pictures I’m thinking about the editing. I should be thinking about the composition and subjects distance from the camera. I actually did not do any editing of this image at all, it’s out of the camera.

It’s the same with the California Grouse in the image above, he just came wandering past like he owns the place. He does as much as I do, the covey of Quail is a welcome addition to our assembly of slough characters. Again I attempted to create a scene with the use of the natural light. Nothing out of the ordinary but as the picture of the Dove it’s a nice picture.

I merely had to lift the camera to take this image of the Ring Neck White Dove. It was a surprise however I reacted quickly enough, however I could have waited because he returned for another photo shoot. I took one of it with the far levee as a background.

Shown above, that background as I stated in an earlier blog makes my eyes hurt, literally. It is just way too busy it directs the eye away from the subject. With the use of Photoshop I will be able to repair it by changing the background. I won’t do that because then it’s not a photo, it is like an artist canvas and is alright if the creator cops to doing it. I plan on blurring backdrops such as this in a contrasting color blocking out all recognizable features.

It’s the same with the photo above, the background takes the eyes away from the two subjects. I like this picture and is the only reason it was not deleted. However in order to cause someone to notice it must be repaired prior to posting.

The jury remains out on whether I will buy the 70D from my son-in-law. I believe it will come down to me asking him if he needs the money, if he says yes I’ll pay him fair market value. They have a bunch of kids and neither he nor the daughter has worked much for the past year; it takes good pictures and video. I must be careful not to bruise their egos, it’s been an emotionally tough year for many people, they need help nothing else.

It is terribly dry this year, when it gets like this the atmosphere sucks moisture out of the air and fauna. The entire state is now golden brown setting up to be a tinder box. However I have noticed that a number of arsonist have been arrested already this year. I wonder if the wild fire season was called early to prompt them to set out into the woods with matches. After all most fires are intentionally set, mostly for one persons selfish greedy weak priorities.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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