I bought photoshop.

I use Adobe Lightroom for photograph editing, I am used to it and I like it. As with most things internet subscribing for a service is granting permission to the provider to constantly harass the purchaser to upgrade. Some times it makes sense, other times the suggested product has nothing to do with the one being used.

After much consternation I made a decision to purchase Photo-Shop on the yearly plan paid monthly. Why; due to taking images of water related subjects there is stuff that is in the water, on the shore or caught in the weeds. That trash really mucks up an image and I want to remove it which P.S. is known for.

What: I will use it for some other capabilities it offers such as blurred backgrounds and cleaning up the landscape. I have watched a few tutorials only to confuse myself and to discover other uses.

I chose the photo of the California Quail above to use as a test image. It is slightly under-exposed but most importantly is the stuff in the background. I don’t expect to eliminate all of it, that would render this as not being a photograph but a piece of artwork. My goal is not to create a new image from the ones I intended to take. None the less this picture is a candidate to be deleted; the image of the bird is fine it’s everything else that’s a mess.

Some images are good out of the camera such as the Red Wing Blackbird however I will copy this photo and perform a few edits as an experiment. Am I in over my head? Most likely for the next few weeks until I learn enough to figure out what questions to ask.

Isn’t that the way of it starting a new adventure with little if any idea of what the product is capable of; I find myself in this spot regularly. On the flip side of that coin it’s as I’ve told my kids “That’s the way we learn.” It sure is and I’m anxious to continue on this path of discovery; it’s pretty straight forward they say. We’ll see how straight forward that path is.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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