I recomend using a tri-pod

I still have my son-in-laws 70D Canon camera, and as I stated the other day it would be nice to use two camera’s however I would prefer to save my money and place it towards an upgrade in a few years. I’m having a difficult time focusing that camera, I suspect it’s mostly my lack of skill with it. However it continues to focus on whatever it feels like, I am not able to control it. I have yet to use it on my tri-pod as I feel a true test is taking images free hand.

The Hawk image was taken while my camera was on the tri-pod, which I prefer. There are a couple of reasons; the first is I’m a disabled person and have to adapt most items for my personal use. In this case my shoulder joints jam up causing my upper body to seriously bump when they are rotated. I avoid that when shooting from the stand.

The same bird shot with the Canon 70D free hand.

The second is I prefer to have a background in the photo, in order to accomplish that I must stay below the top of the far side Levee as in the top photo. Other wise I end up with all blue backgrounds as the sky is never cloudy in California. It makes a difference because my vertical travel is by my estimate 22º off of the horizon.

The picture above shows the limitations of the background opportunity that is available to me. Directly above that are the 15kv utility lines that run the length of California. When combined the two concerns must be dealt with constantly. Use of the tri-pod effectively keeps them both out of the viewfinder. When either fits into the composition I make attempts to use them, the blue sky is much more acceptable than the high voltage lines.

The lines are always there, sometimes as in the photo above they kind of work. This is OK for a blog but I won’t post it any where else, I am not able to do anything with the lines or towers. The tri-pod helps to keep them out of the image by keeping the view below them and above the Levee top.

The Levee affords a decent background most of the time as with the Pelicans however the coloring must be muted a bit. This side of the berm is always moist lending itself to reflecting the Sun. Other times the colors are so bold they over take the subjects. The tri-pod helps to keep the birds on a level with the camera.

I use a good quality tri-pod with a ball head designed for videos; actually what it’s designed for makes no difference to me. I am happy with it, there are a few downs and ups with it but none are a deal breaker. I have recently been looking at Gimbles which would allow more movement in all directions. I have envisioned how it would make a difference for me and I have not come up with on yet. I suppose if I were to purchase one for under $100.00 it would give me the chance to find out if it would help. None the less in the event I purchased a good quality unit for several hundred I would know it does what it’s suppose to do; but would it work for me? If I decide to purchase one I will buy another tri-pod with it most likely.

I prefer to limit my photos in a blog to 5, I added a 6th, even numbers are not good but 7 is my absolute limit and I rarely go there. Yes I’m an eccentric in many ways.

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