new projects, wind and wildfire oh my!

I managed to capture a few shots of a Hawk this morning, about 15 total. I did not load them into the editor yet, I was hoping to go out this afternoon adding to them. I’m going to harp on the wind again it’s still up peaking at 40mph. The environment will dry rapidly, it appears to be an early fire year. Our Island is on the high fire risk area, I shudder to think what could happen with this wind.

Enough doom and gloom, I have plans.

I remain working on my small birds in flight goal, I’m making good progress with improving my skills. It’s a tough nut to crack, practice is an absolutely have to. To make it a bit more difficult is if I don’t practice it doesn’t take too long to lose what I have gained. My first shots were all about tracking them, then it turned to using the back button focus finally followed with pressing the shutter. Now it is all focus again. Track/Focus/Snap the image.

The camera was set to the 45 point large Auto Focus grid for the picture above. Actually that means when the subject remains in the frame and the camera is set to AI focus it will track the bird. All in all it’s working out fine for me, my next step is to perform a bit of planning out the back ground. That can make or break a photograph.

A case in point is the photo above, I like it but I also know the background is way too busy. Any time the background draws the viewers attention away from the subject there is a problem with the composition. However I don’t like the sky blue background, I avoid that effect whenever I am able.

The photo above has the moving water as a background, it always reflects the sky. The water when it has ripples or waves works well the main issue is making certain the waves aren’t so high they take away from the image. I will be working on composition over the next few days for a photo project I’m planning for entering into a contest. It is open for hand carved wood projects of which I have several that I have made. My goal is to create a setting that has a unique background; I have 3 separate pieces I will be working with.

The second project I will start tomorrow is to set up my trail camera in the garden. I have a bucket of water that is full year around for the critters. I am confident several different species visit it several times a week. I am still on the hunt for the Red Fox, I’m convinced there is one around here. I caught a quick glimpse of what I though was one just after sunrise one morning in December. I’m also interested if a Bobcat will visit, something growled at Mrs. Lebec one night at dusk. I’m not sure what it was but there are a few natural suspects.

My disablity scooter is on it’s way out, It’s supplied to me by the Veterans Administration as I’m a 100% service connected disabled Vet I’m unable to walk; they take good care of me. My expectation is it will totally crap out while I’m between the house and garden; because isn’t that the way things go?

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