that other camera

I still have my son-in-laws Canon 70D DSLR, he wants to sell it and I told him I may be interested in purchasing it. The 5 W’s come in to the equation with the main one being “why”. I was sold on the 90D for a long while until I spec’d out the T8i which I ended up purchasing; they are very close to being the same. Weather resistance is the major difference as the sensor, video capabilities are very close as are the image qualities. They each are not full size sensors having the 1:6 crop ratio. My lenses fit on either so that’s not an issue.

The photo above was taken with the 70D, it’s a fine picture I can find no fault with it other than it’s a bit soft; that’s not the camera’s fault.

The image above was taken with the T8i, it is also a good image I can find no fault with it. Both cameras take the same quality images, focus the same, and are comparable in every way. My T8i has a few enhanced features that make me appreciate the selection I have made. So why add the 70D to my photo kit? There is no reason to, however if I were wanting to start out I would certainly consider it.

I’m not in the market for another camera, I believe I will pass on this offer unless they need the money due to being off of work for a year. In that case I will purchase it, it’s not a waste of money. I am planning on a new camera in two years but I am looking at the 5D IV; but between now and then the entire world may be different. It’s nice to have one camera on the tri-pod with the 400mm or 600mm on it and one on my lap with the 18-135mm on it. Time will tell; another option is to use it as a trade in.

As a disabled person I adhere to my own rules; Track-focus-shoot.

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