the wind.

I have been waking up a bit late for the past month, sleeping in is most likely good for me. I don’t really want to but the conditions out side are driving my decision. When I first went out this morning it was calm as a church on a Tuesday morning. Fifteen minutes later the gale hit 25 mph.

During that 15 minutes I was able to capture images of a Great Blue Heron on the old dock. He caught a fish in short order then pranced around the place like he owns it.

Everything was good while taking these pictures however I retreated to the house when the wind speed got to 30 mph. I had a Doctors appointment for my hearing problem (I’m Deaf). When we returned home I had to take a substantial rest, most people with disabilities tire easily. After the Siesta I decided to return to the wind hoping to catch a few critters hovering in it.

Instead what happened is the small birds took off with the wind or were blown in the opposite direction they wanted to go. The photos of the Doves I’m posting were in a 25-30 mph wind, they were all affected by it.

It is evident by the Doves wing being driven up nearly flipping the bird over which does occur from time to time. At 4pm I decided to return outdoors mostly to sit in the breeze to see what was going on.

The same bird one second after the photo preceding it shows the Dove being blown nearly over; this morning. At 4pm when I went out again my intent was not to take any pictures. I set my camera in my try-pod as hand holding it in a 40mph wind is difficult for me. I focused on a small bird perching waiting for it to take off into the wind. I was unable to steady the camera/tri-pod combo, it continually went out of focus due to the dynamics of the situation.

Everything was moving, the reeds, water and trees were all in motion including the camera. The wind became a major irritant as well. I have this hearing amplifier (I cannot wear hearing aids) which adds to the irritation factor because it amplifies the sound of the wind; I can hear less than nothing in that case. I turned it off then concentrated on holding onto the Camera/tri-pod combination. I gave up at that point, I now have a new rule; if the winds exceeds 25mph don’t attempt to have a photo session.

My immune system is so compromised I am constantly losing abilities to perform tasks. I’ve always had a hard time hearing but this morning I found my “good” ear (I was 80% deaf in it) is now most likely permanently silent. It’s all just part of being disabled, I’m sure many people are in the same boat I am. But it’s all in the way these things are looked at, the sooner I accept a new limitation the better off I am. I now live in a silent world.

Regardless of my physical limitations these are the best days of my life, I am filled with excitement every minute of every day.

I’m better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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