It’s cool for late may.

I suppose it’s not too early for cold weather but it’s a matter of perspective. I went out this morning for less than 5 minutes total, long enough to open the gate and let Skunk-puppy out. I went out again at 2pm worked in the garden breifly then fetched my camera to take pictures of whatever showed up. I was able to take a few however none of them are post worthy, I hand held my 600mm. It didn’t end up well, normally I use my try-pod but I didn’t want to set it up because I felt there would not be enough activity.

I will post unrelated pictures as the one above.

The lens is heavy, weighing in at around 5 pounds then holding it eye level while focusing is a bit of a task. Panning with it presents challenges for me my left shoulder has a hitch in it’s get-a-long. As I move my body, shoulder and arms while following a flying bird the big shoulder joint snaps 3 times.

So I missed every shot due to my laziness to choose not to set up the tri-pod, my mistake.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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