UV lense problems

I bought into using a UV filter on my lenses to protect them from breaking after being dropped. The claim is they do not affect the image at all, they merely protect the lens. Taking it a bit further most modern Camera’s have the ability to deal with UV or reflections/Glare from such items as water and windows. I used one on my 600mm lens and learned to regret it.

I had the opportunity to photograph this Western Grebe yesterday, it was about 100 feet from the camera (I was on my wheelchair on the deck). My focus was right on through the viewfinder, and after I snapped the picture it still showed it in focus. When I dumped it in Lightroom it was definitely extremely soft, fuzzy around the edges. I deleted most of the images only deciding to keep a few of the best ones, the two I’m posting are of those.

This second picture is a bit worse then the first as the rest of them are; I kept them because of this blog and I have no other images of them. This picture is from 75 feet from the camera, it should be crystal clear; however it is super-soft as well. After much deliberation I decided to search on-line for “UV camera filters causing focus problems.” I was correct some will affect the focusing abilities of the lens they are attached on.

This image of the Great Blue Heron is the first I took after removing the UV filter; as can be seen it is crystal clear. Although this is about 60 feet from the camera the extra 15 would make a difference however not as much as in the above photos.

This photo was taken at a distance of 80 feet from the camera, notice it is crystal clear without the UV filter. I am convinced not to use another on any of my lenses. I may chose to place it on after my photo sessions just to protect the glass but it’s a bit redundant when using the lens cap.

As a person with disabilities I will at times take my wheelchair onto the Levee top in order to get a bit closer to the subject. I did to take this photo however it remains a distance of 75 feet from the camera. Without the UV filter this image is right on focus it is directly out of the camera with a minimum of cropping to clear a post from the left edge. If anything that may affect the focus a bit but it did not.

On another note when I attempted to remove the lens it was jammed on the end. Granted I may have over tightened it which I sometimes do, but I dought in this case I did. My hands are severely arthritic, my grip is not nearly what it was even 5 years ago. It took me 5 minutes to remove it by pushing down on the face of it while twisting. I suggest to my fellow disabled people to use the slide in type of filters if they so desire, otherwise as far as I’m concerned I won’t use them again.

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