it’s time to tweak the blog.

I like the direction this blog is heading although I haven’t had a large response yet. Most bloggers know it takes a long time to build up a following; that’s perfectly fine.

I am going to include more on how I cope with my disabilities. It has been suggested I do that by a few of my doctors and some others. However I have been reluctant because I do not want to be disabled and I’m concerned writing a blog addressing them will cause me to overthink about it.

I’m not going to get real cheesy about it, nor will they be my main theme. I will however comment on how I deal with obstacles I encounter during my photo, gardening and normal daily activities. Hopefully I will receive lots of comments and questions.

I have made a few modifications to the home page of this blog, and I will be adding more specific keywords.

The latest person to suggest I tweak my blog a bit to include disability was an on line discussion with one of the nurses that are assigned to me. My comment to her was just what I said at the beginning of this write up; I don’t want to be disabled. She told me I have unique coping skills that would benefit others; it would be good to share them. However I am always concerned about stepping over the line into “pity party” territory; if that happens I’ll change directions again.

I’m going to give a go, I’m confident it will work out fine. I have changed my social media accounts a bit as well with the intention of directing this blog more towards persons with disabilities. Those without disabilities may be able to be a bit more aware of the struggles we have every day. But on the same hand a better understanding of how we cope and most of us really don’t think life is that bad. This will not be a poor me blog or a wall of words about nothing. I will talk about my garden, worm farm, woodworking, music playing and photography. Not much will change except I will mention my wheel chair more often.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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