small birds the only game in town.

No matter what goals I dream up early in the morning with every intent to exceed them I have to remind myself the critters have never done what I want them to do. Turn right I say out loud and the little bugger will jet skyward, or left or any other direction to feed its fancy.

Doves pose, it’s like they are pre-disposed to sit in front of a camera, unless they are flying. In that case the goal is merely to take a usable photo. However when in a static state they are still as a rock; they may think they are hiding.

The critters surprise nearly every day, what in the world are those Cormorants doing? It appears I’m not the only one wonder, the rear Goose is looking their direction as well. It’s not as if the Cormorants are lacking attention they are after all in a flock of maybe 200 birds. They hang around Pelicans also, I can’t figure them out.

The Arctic Tern has no more interest in me or other critters to save its soul. Their only concern is eating it’s a wonder they don’t posses a giant belly. However this one may be headed back to its nest and a clutch of freshly hatched eggs.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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