checking out a different camera

We had a great Mothers Day yesterday, unfortunately I was a bit under the weather I’m not happy to say that is quite common lately. I received a bit of not so good news today; I lost the remainder of my hearing in my right ear. A slim chance remains it may return, but I’m accepting my 80% loss is now 100%. I’ll be fine in this totally silent world.

It won’t stop me from pursuing my next goal of capturing small birds in flight. So far today both my blogs and gallery are featuring this, I don’t normally write about the same topic on all three so I won’t.

One of my Son in Laws wants to sell me a camera, a 6 year old model that still functions fine.

I have been fiddling with it for one day snapping photos of everything that walks, swims or flies past. I’m not impressed because it has less features than my camera (Canon T8i) and the focus is noticeably slower. I could use it as a backup however Ms. Lebec suggested buying it then waiting until a grand child needed a good camera and give it away. Uh, in a word, No for the price this is worth with the lenses I would be 1/2 way on the price for a new Canon 5D mark four.

I will keep messing with it, I have a large learning curve ahead of me. The focusing is basically the same but different, yeh I know that’s confusing. However when you come across the same but different you’ll see it instantly. My Camera is a better one hands down, but the one I’m checking out remains rated higher than it. That’s fine with me, the more I use mine the better my relationship with it gets. I don’t want this other camera, the only draw is the moisture resistance; I’m never in the rain anyway making that a moot point.

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