above all else know your camera.

Enough on capturing images of small flying birds, I will continue to pursue capturing that perfect image. However it will take me a while so I’ll write about it when I’ve got it down; it will be enjoyable.

I am happy to have acquired the ability to capture the large birds in flight which will continue to improve. I will study and experiment with the settings, they will be always fluid. It’s my belief that camera settings are an issue to be dealt with each time the camera is picked up. If the amount of tutorials on YouTube is any indication a lot of us have questions. All of that is good for expanding our knowledge which is the secret of taking pictures.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am at the point where if I change one setting I understand what reaction is noted on the others. More work is definitely needed but if the deletion rate is an indicator my skills are improving. The time it really shows is very early in the morning and when the Sun is fully up and awake around 9am.

At the time the image of the Egrets was captured early in the mornings Golden Hour my ISO had to be set high with the aperture open as wide as allowed by the lens; f:6.3. To be able to set the camera then capture a usable image for me is the litmus test of amateur photographic skills. That is exactly why I purchased an entry level DSLR versus a Mirror-less camera.

I adapted the attitude that the camera doesn’t make the photos the person on the shutter does. Knowing the camera whatever level it is at is the most important factor in recording images. Studying each setting, what all the buttons do and understand how it all works together is the key. I have spent approximately 8-1/2 months understanding the photographing side of my T8i Canon. I feel my understanding is now at the level where I can discover the video side which I will begin. There are some functions the more expensive cameras have, more frames per second, moisture resistance and more focusing points. None of it was enough for me to spend twice as much for a higher level camera at this stage of my knowledge, however I can certainly see the day in the not too distant future where I will do just that.

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