Attempting to photograph flying small birds.

I’m continuing with my goal to take images of small flying birds. I was able to capture one today (kind of). An important part of that is to produce an image that is recognizable versus “what am I looking at?” I suppose there was one bright spot, I was able to get it in the viewfinder and on the frame.

I am unable to tell what species of bird this could possibly be. In the air I thought it was a Starling however when I saw it in Lightroom I saw the truth. So much is wrong with it, the only positive is I can see it’s a bird and it’s in the frame. So far so good I suppose.

This second shot is a bit worse than the first, it’s hard to reason why it is predominately blue. It’s shaped like a torpedo or bottle; the subject was quite small. That’s not a problem after all my goal is small birds in flight. One of the more serious issues is the bird is simply too far away, I was using my 600mm lens. I am considering using my 25-135mm lens, with the crop of 1.6 it is 40mm-216mm. It will be much easier to handhold in order to follow the fast flying small critters.

One other issue is remembering what I did to capture the images, to be able to build on the errors is what the entire exercise is for. I can speculate what all of the issues concerning it are but that would cloud the field. Generally I take one identifiable problem, work on it and when I have a handle on it I move along to the next.

Distance is the first priority, which focusing mode is the second. However they must be worked on together, focus is distance.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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