Out of focus

I purchased a huge, it is a huge storage box for my camera equipment. It’s an off brand but is compatible to the most popular ones. The dimensions are 31″x18″x16″ deep, I had a 24″ picked out but Mrs. Lebec told me to go big or go home. It is full of foam with the pick and pull squares which I am not planning on using. I will cut it with an electric carving knife after I figure out what to cut. I may write a blog on it, I’m undecided but at least I’ll have some place to store my stuff.

I took some pictures of a pair of Canadians with their Goslings this morning, they were the only game in town. I don’t care for the picture, I was not able to focus on the Goslings. The parents came out good but no matter what I did the camera kept focusing on the waves of which were taller then the little ones.

I am not able to quite determine what I’m doing wrong, but in the photo above the Cormorant is soft and again the water is crystal clear. To focus on the subject with a single point works just OK because whatever the focus point is (the eyes normally) come out well however everything else on the bird is soft.

I use the 9 point grid manual focus on my Canon, sometimes it works fine other times not so much. The subject above is almost in but remains soft even though the bird is the only item close to focus. If I wasn’t focused on the bird why is everything else out? It may possibly be that the subject was flying towards me too fast, perhaps my camera is not capable of focusing on an incoming bird at 20 mph. I’m not sure but I have to figure this out.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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