Keep the sun and wind to your back

There is an advantage to photographing during the windy season which extends from late April until early September; it may be all in the setup. After the breeze exceeds 15 miles per hour the birds as well as other critters avoid it. The water-birds are few and far between then, being on the porch remains my good place to be however for now there is little action.

Setting up with the wind and Sun behind the camera may work to a photographers advantage when waterbirds are the subjects. They will land and take off into the wind, if the camera is set up it may merely be a matter of waiting. But isn’t that what photographing nature is, waiting?

The Green Heron is a fast flying resident of the slough and is difficult to get an image of. It is harder yet when they fly with the wind, I have learned not to attempt taking a shot. However when flying against the wind it stalls them a bit giving an advantage to the person behind the lens.

Terns are difficult to catch images of as well, again the wind helps but they too are super fast. It remains that when into the wind they are restricted allowing me (for example) more time to catch them; the deletion rate remains high when photographing fast subjects.

The Sun may be a problem as it was in the photo above, I was at the wrong angle to it. Another factor may be that it was early morning with the Sun on the East horizon emiting the Golden glow. That’s alright except that the California Sun is incredibly bright, the white Egrets reflect it well. The Sun was to my back, I suspect the birds turned slightly and entered the no zone.

It’s strange how this picture is one of my favorites; I simply cannot delete it.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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