pictures of flying small birds.

Yeh, alright I am pursuing my goal of capturing small birds in photos. It’s a bit frustrating my lack of skill and the speed of the birds are not at first glance marriage compatible.

This image isn’t too awfully bad but not only was it mostly accidental it actually was. I was waiting with my camera focused directly on the subject perched on that pole. I was ready to snap the shutter, convinced I’d be able to capture an award winner. This is the first image that was taken a real tribute to its speed. Or I suppose it could be a testament to my slow. I’m not disappointed at all, it’s part of the process of learning.

This image is a bit closer but it appears to be photo of a bird falling off of the pole certainly not in command of flight. Many birds I have found will launch from a perch immediately dropping down to nearly terra firms. SeaGulls, Bluejays and Mocking birds all drop prior to gaining altitude.

This bird dipped to the ground then rose just as I snapped the shutter. This is not too bad of an image however it is way out of focus. I’m after that crystal clear detail heightened exposure. I feel I’m on the right path.

This image is of a bird leaving a perch on the same vertical post, why it’s there I have no idea. This subject dropped earthward as well. I am going to have to develop a procedure of how to take these photos. To begin that task I will have to take many photos like these and slowly figure it all out.

If you noticed all of these pictures used the same post as a prop. The reason for that is many birds will perch on it much like the pylon in front of my perch on the deck. I will continue to use it for the purpose of being able to predict better what the bird is preparing to do. Due diligence and time will write that story.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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