it’s humbling

I’m stepping a bit out of the roundhouse for a few comments. I’m a reader, or I was until I discovered audio books. I still read a lot but I lean more towards audio for a complete book. I listened to a book on Octopi, and made a startling discovery that I know less about them then I thought. Completing that I am now listening to an audio book on Whales, and what did I discover? I don’t know anything about them either.

After finishing the Octopi book I didn’t know much more about them and I’m expecting the same results upon completion of the Whale tomb. That is actually a good thing for me, I need to be humbled on occasion.

I have my camera settings figured out and after testing my technique over the past two weeks I have a usable procedure. However so far I have only tested it during the morning hours from sun rise until full glow 2 hours later. I begin each morning by first setting the ISO to 2000+ depending upon what the shutter speed is. I set the light meter to +1/2 for a bit of over exposure during the low light period. I then raise the ISO until the shutter speed exceeds 1/500 sec. it may have to be higher than 2000. I hesitate to do that because it increases the background noise which is no problem to repair in the editor none the less I still don’t want it in my final images.

As the morning progresses and the Sun becomes brighter I check the settings by depressing the shutter 1/2 way then check the speed. I keep the shutter speed no less than 1/500 the top limit is not as important. I find under 1/500 there is a chance of the picture being blurred if it is a fast moving subject and I’m tracking it. Once the Sun is up fully the ISO can be reduced gradually with the target of ISO 300 letting the shutter speed be chosen by the camera while in AV mode. When I reach ISO 800 with a shutter speed of 640+ I place the white balance back to Zero. By 8:30am or there about the camera is set allowing me to carry it on my lap confident if I’m surprised by a subject my chances of taking a good shot are excellent.

From then on my attention will be directed to Tracking, Focusing then depressing the shutter not having to be concerned with the camera. I continue to adjust the settings until noon when I generally quit for the day. I expect later in the afternoon, around 5:30 when the Sun begins to fade I should be able to reverse my procedure until it is too dark for my skills. I have not placed that plan into action as of yet but I will begin next week.

I have two other tasks I must complete prior to beginning a new procedure. I need to calibrate my lenses with the Tap-in computer interfaces.

I am going to video a boat parade on Saturday, I will set up tomorrow (Friday). It’s suppose to be windy (still) and rainy, I believe the windy part but the rain is a hard sell.

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