Slow morning.

I used my new 600mm lens this morning, unfortunately there were no critters out except a Robin, a small Hawk and the typical small birds. More animals were out but they were few and far between, I was surprised by most of them.

We’re still dealing with the repairs to house due to the fire we suffered the first week of March. The workers are good guy’s but like all good things they get a bit old after short while.

This Red Headed what ever it is, made an interesting photo, I achieved my desired effect the completely obscure background. This is a small animal about the size of a common house Sparrow and indeed quite fast. I know little about this species; I do believe this is an image of a male. The head along with the eye are in food focus, the remaining bit is out of focus. That is a display of tight focusing, one of the best thing is the camera seems to be aware of the issue and corrects the camera as we go along. This picture was taken from 50 feet away, that is a good distance for taking images.

Continuing to use the 400mm lens this shot of the Great Blue Heron is approximately 200 feet. It’s to the far side levee which is a picture rich area but the distance has destroyed man photos. My goal with the 600mm is to be able to take pictures to the top of that Levee. I would like to be able to capture images 150 yards to the North or South. I hope to be able to work with it tomorrow.

Every thing about the Squirrel image is good, it’s hard to tell he’s on top of utility pole 25 feet above my head. I will attempt to emulate these pictures tomorrow with my 600mm as a comparison, truthfully I’m not expecting much difference. The not so secure secret is it’s now all about distance, when it’s out of camera distance. I will be working on distance, it won’t take too long to perfect it as I’m about 1/2 of the way there. It’s one of those issues that are self evident demanding corrective action or thousands of efforts will be substandard. One of the issues from my perspective is the background noise, however an out of distance shot is a bit different. Background noise appears as static while an out of distance shot is pixelated with the end result looking like a plastic mock-up. The biggest problem is they can never be brought into focus nor can they be repaired. I have attempted many times to repair an image to no avail they all have ended up looking- Plastic-.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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