I got a new lens

I took delivery of my new Sigma 150-600mm lens today, it came in a big box. I bought a bundle on Amazon, it included a bunch of stuff most of which I would have bought later. I paid $100 more than if I had merely purchased the lens. After a few minutes of research it was obviously worth the extra hand shake. Making it worthwhile are two items, the Sigma Calibration dock and two memory cards a 32 gig and a 64 gigabyte. Those three items brought it up $100, the remainder of the stuff a camera bag, a bunch of straps, the shade hood for the lens and the trim-pod mount in most cases is added to the price. I haven’t used it yet, I’m planning on using it straight up tomorrow morning with no software update or calibration of the lens.

The lens on the left is my Tamron 100-400mm, to the right is my Sigma 150-600mm. The 600 is substantially larger, weighing in at about 5 pounds it is an overall bigger beast. I will use a try-pod at least to begin which will allow me a bit of leeway to become used to using it. I have not taken any pictures with it yet, I aimed it at distant subjects and at first glance it may do what I want it to. I would like to be able to reach out another 100 feet further than the 400 but that’s not going to happen. I will be satisfied with 50-75 feet, that will allow me to take great images to 50 feet beyond the far Levee. I will be able to get a decent far off Landscape picture of the Red Tailed Hawk nest on the utility tower 900 feet away.

I will post pictures tomorrow.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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