practice pays off

Yesterday’s blog subject was “intentionally over-exposing photos” to compensate for the lack of light during the early morning. This morning I set the exposure compensation to -1/2 after the Sun had fully risen and I was able to set my ISO to 400. The result was a shutter speed of 1/1250 just right for capturing flying birds. I have gotten good results with these settings and I was hoping the exposure meter setting would enhance that.

It looks as if it worked, the images for the most part were good enough for minimal editing. My goal as for others I’m confident is to take images needing only minimal if any editing. Although the focus is a bit soft the image along with the landscape turned out well.

Capturing images with a blue background is not difficult nor rare. It makes it a bit easier when using auto focus especially. My reason for not using manual mode is simple enough; I’m not fast enough to use it. Tossing that aside auto-mode adjust the focus quicker than I could ever dream of. Some professional photographers do use manual on birds flying, all I can say is it must have taken literally years of practice to master it.

The Canadians were flying against the wind which is a strong 20mph predicted to be 30+ for the next few days.

The focus stuck with me through these photographs while using Auto-focus with the 9 focusing points. However the image above was taken using a single point, that is my goal to use only that focus setting.

My skills are improving as evidenced by the image of the Seagull above to whom I give a lot of credit to for helping me practice unknowingly. I feel now I am able to move along seeing as how I have figured out a few basic tasks that must become second hand nature.

Tomorrow I will receive my new 150-600mm zoom lens, I have the Tamron 100-400mm I use every day. I chose the Sigma for the 600mm, every review stated the same opinion that the lenses were nearly identical in respects to the resulting photographs. It will gain about 50 feet for me, it doesn’t sound like much but it’s huge in photography. I will be able to reach across to the far side levee to capture the animals hunting just beyond the levee. I should be able to also capture a better image of the Hawks nesting on the Electric tower 300 yards away. I’m not expecting to get a fantastic close up all I am after is a landscape image capturing the mating pair near the nest. I will be calibrating and adjusting the focus on both lenses next week, that will be fun.

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